2 Ingredients Vegan Waffles

Don`t you just love the smell of fresh waffles on a lazy Sunday morning?! If you`re looking to try a new healthy recipe for breakfast (for just a tiny fraction of the calories the regular egg& dairy waffles have) then look no more! It sounds too good to be true and it actually is!

Today`s recipe is inspired by one of my favorite vegan chefs, Anja Cass from Cooking with Plants. She has been my go-to chef for converting pretty much every food you can think of (from mayonnaise to classic “mac & cheese”) to an easy & healthy version. Thank YOU, Anja!

All you need for these babies is some oats & bananas. That`s IT! Oh, and some water to blend it all up! Ah-mazing, right?!


(makes 6-8 waffles)

3 cups of oats

2 bananas (super-ripe with dark spots)

3 cups of water

1 tea-spoon of brown sugar for coating (optional)


Step 1: heat your waffle iron.

Step 2: pour all ingredients into a high speed blender & blend away for a minute. Don`t worry if the batter looks rather runny (it will get more & more gooey as the oats absorb the water/ fiber from the bananas). If you want to you can add a tea-spoon of cinnamon and blend some more.

Step 3: check if the waffle iron is hot. Dash some coconut oil (otherwise waffles will get all sticky). Start pouring the batter for your first batch. When you`re finished spreading the mixture evenly you can sprinkle some brown sugar before closing the lid (this will make the waffles more crunchy! yummy).

Step 4: wait for the light to blink when they`re done. Open the lid. Grab a silicone/ wooden spatula & gently remove them from the waffle iron. Place them on your oven grill to allow them to get some air/ “rest” a little before serving. If you place them directly on the plate before cooling they might get kind of mushy.

Step 5: if you got all the way to here (and still haven`t touched your waffles yet!) go grab a plate and get ready! You can use whatever you want to top them up: from fresh fruit to jam the choice is yours. For this round I sliced some more bananas & sprinkled cinnamon. I have tried so far a lot of combos (my second favorite is a mix of berries, I also love oranges & cinnamon, blueberries with raspberry, sky is the limit).

Step 6: share your waffles with friends & family! IF there`s anything left at this stage :)))

If you liked this recipe please share it with your friends & spread the love!

You can let me know in the comments below how did it go: what toppings did you choose?!! What did you friends say?! I get all hungry just by thinking about it! Yumm!!

Yours in Mind-Body & Soul,






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