The Only Failure is NOT TO TRY


“There are two mistakes one can make along the road to truth: not going all the way, and not starting”. (Buddha)

This awesome add came out in August featuring an 86-years-old nun who is also a record-breaking Iron-Man triathlete and star of the “Unlimited” Nike campaign running throughout Rio 2016 Olympics.


I was complaining to myself how I had such a hard time making time to train for a half-marathon I`d just signed up. I was also moaning & groaning about several other things that needed me to attend to. Watching the “Iron Nun” and how she`d took up running AND triathlon in her 50`s I was in awe: “There were a lot of times where I had to think about failures and not reaching the goals that I may have set to myself. Then I realised the only failure is NOT TO TRY. Because your effort in itself is a success!”

OK, now how many times have we said to ourselves “I`m too old to do this” or “I`m too fat/ I’m too small/ I’m too overwhelmed/ I feel too stressed out/ etc” to do that?! or things like “But it really doesn`t matter”, or “I can always go back and do this next week/ next month”. Then time goes by and you find yourself months or years later in the exact same place. Like exactly where you are sitting today.

What has changed?! What have you done in the meantime?! What has happened?!

I personally have struggled with decision making until I came across this really simple & effective way of taking that inner-monologue straight to the recycle bin. One of my core values or guides in this life is what I call my inner “#noregretstest”. To me this means fast-forward 5 years or 10 years from today looking back on this particular thing/ situation/ decision I had to make would I regret not doing it?! YES or NO?! I ask, then I sit with whatever comes. Sometimes its a clear straight answer  like “yup, regret it! go do it NOW!”. Other times it might take longer or my inner monologue would start beating around the bush, maybe images will pop-up, or I see myself doing this or getting that done. It could be in the form of a feeling in my gut or a passing sensation in my body.

Today I`d like to ask you to give it a try & play with it for a minute. Choose 1 specific situation which you have been going back and forth deciding whether you should pursue this or not. It can be anything and everything. Pause and sit for a moment with whatever comes your way. Breathe. Raise your head, straighten your back. And say to yourself out loud:”I got this!” Trust that your inner “GPS” knows already what you want and wants to give it you more than you want to get it!

All we need to learn or better yet to un-learn is to get out of our own way. 🙂

Ask. Sit. Listen. Then act on it.

Now, I can`t wait to hear from YOU! What are some of the things you want to accomplish, or you are struggling with and need more clarity, or more resources?!

Drop me a line here in the comments below & let’s get the ball rolling!

Yours in Mind-Body-Soul,


P.S. Instead of saying “duuuhh but I already knew all that” why don’t you try asking instead “how can this work for me?!” 😉

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