Here’s 30 reasons to pave the way on your road to becoming a marathoner (aka train for a 42.195 km race commonly known as the MARATHON & cross the finish line at least once in this lifetime):

  1. You will meet lots of new & interesting people (my network expanded with couple of hundred people in just 12 months of consistent running)
  2. This is because the actual preparation takes from 6 – 9 months or even further (depending on your current fitness level)
  3. You will become great friends with some of these people
  4. “Suffering” together on your runs has this thing of bonding people up close
  5. That means you’ll end up with at least 1 true friend (yay!) along the way
  6. Whom you can call when things don’t go that well
  7. And just lay it out whatever it is
  8. Trust me, after sweating together with someone for at least! 2 hours every weekend  on your long run things take a whole new turn
  9. You’ll get to know yourself better
  10. And you’ll grow into liking what you see in the mirror (after some months of consistent training)
  11. You will become friends with the people that live inside your head
  12. What do you mean by “what people”?! Go out, take a 1 hour walk and see “the committee” has been up to
  13. Some days these people living in your head will have different opinions
  14. They will contradict themselves
  15. And they will even ignore YOU other days
  16. The good thing is that you will learn NOT to pay attention to their chats & get on with whatever you were doing
  17. Especially on cold & dark winter mornings when going out for a run seems like a really bad idea (Rocky theme playing on the background)
  18. You will become a whole lot less self-conscious (spitting “like a man” during interval training, showing off your unflattering “average-mortal mid-section” because you really want to finish that long run, blowing your nose in the most not-so-delicate way, and so on)
  19. Spandex will become your best friend
  20. If you’re a woman spandex will also become your only friend as your thighs will miraculously grow bigger (mwhaha!) NOT smaller like you’d hoped when you signed up for this whole distance running thing
  21. You will sleep so much better (after running all these kilometres)
  22. You’ll appreciate more the simple things in life (did anyone say “shower” & “pancakes”?!)
  23. Technology will become your friend (all that running needs to be properly recorded and shared, right?!)
  24. Your confidence will sky-rocket
  25. Lifetime bragging rights will come with crossing that finish-line (everyone will eventually get tired of your “that time I ran the so-and-so marathon”)
  26. You’ll have fun..some of the days
  27. You’ll grow into loving your body and what its capable of doing
  28. Gratitude will be your new found friend
  29. You’ll get more patient (because running can really wear you out, yeah!)
  30. The experience will change you: “the person who starts a marathon is not the same person who finishes a marathon.” You will know in your heart that you have the mental & physical strength to go on even when you think you cant or chances are against you.

Now I would like to hear from you! Drop me a line here in the comments & tell me:

Have you ever participated in a running event so far? What was it like? What race did you sign up to & how was your experience? Would you do it again in the near future?!

If you enjoyed this article or you have a friend who might be tackling this crazy idea of taking up running even though it’s something completely new & unchartered territory share this with them & spread the love!

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