“- You mean I’m supposed to make stuff up!?!?
“- You are creators, you make stuff up all the time!”
Esther Hicks

Ileana is an intuitive mentor to free-spirited change makers. Educating through story-telling is her thing.  People see her when they want to start a new chapter in their life and answer the dreaded question “is that all there is to IT?”.

In her creative work she combines a mix of coaching, intuitive guidance & energy healing
with her hands-on global business experience having worked for Fortune 500 tech companies in the past 10 years in various leadership/ intra-preneur roles.

Much like if Tony Robbins & Esther Hicks would have had a naughty love child then that would be Ileana for sure:-D)

Get in touch at: hello@ileanabumbulici.com.

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My work has been featured by Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, My Inner Peace.

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