Life’s Journey Towards the Big Ocean

Just like a river flows to the ocean in the same way our life unfolds. We may sometimes come across rocks or boulders, we may get slowed down in a swamp and feel like sinking heavily into mud. At times we might even stop to wonder “is that all there is to IT?!”. And the harder you pull to get yourself across that rocky mountain or out that swamp the more you feel like you’re sinking even deeper. Resistance has its sneaky ways of taking away your energy and leaving you feeling drained and overwhelmed. And what might seem counter-productive (such as “stop from whatever it is you’re doing and just stay there”) is exactly what will get you out of that swamp.

You might sometimes want to “do it all at once”. I mean, come on, of course you can BE-DO-HAVE anything that you want to. Wouldn’t it be so much easier if someone would guide you along this messy process of getting yourself un-stuck and then ready to create the life you’ve always desired?! Now if you’ve been procrastinating things for a while then you might feel there are some areas of your life which need special attention NOW. Hey, you might even feel that ALL areas of your life need attention right now. (been there, done that too :-)))).

Things like you want to have a healthy body AND feel good about yourself AND have tons of energy, clear skin, exercise or discover some form of movement which fits you perfectly, AND meditate every day, AND read all the books you’ve always wanted to, learn French AND Japanese, AND hang out more with people who share your ideas & with whom you can talk freely about what’s important to YOU, AND feel more connected to the world around you and to your-Self, AND make peace with your family and siblings at last (tough one!), AND learn to cook a nice meal for the Holidays, AND change your job, get that promotion, AND move to this place you’ve always fantasized about, AND create that beautiful piece of art that’ s been on your mind for ages but you never seem to make the time to actually manifest into being, and the list goes on and on.

The river always reaches the Ocean just like we are born into this world. The journey can be smooth or it can get shacky at times and bat-sh*t c-r-a-z-y. That’s why we say that “allowing is far more productive than striving”. Water naturally finds it way to the Ocean. Even when facing obstacles water will gently go around it and continue to flow. Even when there’s rocks and it seems quite impossible to go around it (think of Grand Canyon for a second). Sure it might get tangled into a swamp on its way but that wont ever stop water from flowing.

How would you feel if you knew your life goes pretty much the same? And that whenever you experience along the way it’s OK! Your life still continues to flow. And that it’s up to you how long you’ll stay tangled in there. Because the river is always flowing. And what you can do right here, today, this minute is to deliberately choose to FLOW with it. Sure we can always blame someone else for getting detour-ed. That others are luckier than us, have better (looking) genes, a great metabolism (can I get one too?!), born into rich(er) families, won the lottery and so on. But that won’t get us further.

So just like quick sands in the dessert whenever you find yourself stuck in a situation – stop! Stop AND breathe. Look around you. Check with yourself and see how you’re feeling. Stop pulling and stop pushing. You’ll only make a much bigger mess out of it. And get yourself even more deep into that sh*t. You know oh-too-well the story of “what got you here, won’t get you there”. Therefore you need to change the way you look at things, which is your mindset.

This is where I step in. And guide you & get you all cleaned up out of that messy swamp. Get you a nice change of clothes. Hey, maybe even a different hair cut 😛 and color. Hahaha! And last but not least, give you some awesome tools to take charge of your big life journey towards the Ocean. (from teaching you how to first and foremost LISTEN to yourself, talk to your(Higher)Self, make friends with yourself, care for yourself, and care for those around you).

Because when that river finally gets to the big Ocean all you have to carry is yourself. So why not choose in this moment to make your journey fun, exciting, kind, educative and caring?!

Stop. Breathe. Look around you. There’s so much beauty out there waiting to be discovered. To be looked at. And taken all in.

Photo by Wolf Schram on Unsplash <3

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