Why Journal

When’s the last time you actually wrote on paper, by hand, about the ALL the things going on through your mind, your day-to-day, your hopes, your dreams, your plans, your worries?! ..
Now why would you journal?!
1. Because getting stuff out of your head and onto paper is the easiest way of releasing things that no longer serve you. It’s like literally taking a dump, a brain dump :))
2. You will feel lighter, like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. Once things are out of your head it means you will stop carrying them around. 
3. Your mind can no longer trick you into “ohh, but I NEVER said that about this topic” 😀 clarity comes through engagement, NOT through thought so if you ever feel confused or not sure what to do next always write out everything on paper! <3
4. It will help you see the big picture/ connect you with your vision.
5. Its the easy way of staying authentic and (re)connect with your inner voice regardless of the field you are working in (you don’t have to be a writer, or a creative to WRITE). You get to spend some time with yourself and what is TRULY important to YOU. Especially in a day & age where information is coming at us from everywhere.
Give it a go, grab a piece of paper and start writing!

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